SBOR – Similarity-based object retrieval: Computer simulations generate vast quantities of spatio-temporal output that can be challenging to explore using visualization alone. A display of an interesting region in one simulation may well prompt a scientist to ask if there were other similar regions in the same or in other simulations. We borrowed ideas from the field of content-based image retrieval (also called query by image content) to demonstrate that we could indeed address such questions, provided we carefully extracted the features representing the region of interest.

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Validation of computer simulations: Validation is the process of checking how close a computer simulation is to reality, for example by comparing the simulation with experiments. Since the simulation output could be a two-dimensional unstructured grid, while the experimental data may be in the form of images, a direct comparison is not an option. Using the Richtmeyer-Meshkov instability as an example, we showed how we could extract features from both the simulation grid data and the noisy experimental images to validate the simulation.

Select publications (available from Google Scholar):

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